2014 Emerging Knowledge Podium Presentation Abstract| Volume 28, ISSUE 6, e50-e51, November 2014

The Role of Advanced Practice Nursing in Child Maltreatment: A National Survey


      Although there have been studies describing the global PNP role as well as specific practice specialties such as in-patient, pre-operative, and early intervention settings no studies to date have described the role of the PNP and/or other advanced practice nurses in child maltreatment. PNPs have been working in child maltreatment for decades yet to date there has been no comprehensive assessment of their roles nor their clinical and academic contributions to the field. This study described the role of the APN in child maltreatment.


      Children’s Hospitals and Child Advocacy Centers across the United States (N=970) were contacted to determine the employment of child maltreatment APNs in their facility (N=312). Lead APNs were emailed a NP survey describing their APN team and practice.


      136 lead APNs responded to the survey (response rate 42%). APNs working in the field of child maltreatment were PNPs (62%); held master’s degrees (83%); had been practicing as an APN for >10 years (61%); and practicing in child maltreatment for > 10 years (41%). The majority worked in Child Advocacy Centers (58%) and provided both in-patient and out-patient care to victims of physical and sexual abuse.


      APNs are filling vital roles in the care of maltreated and neglected children not only in the clinical setting but also in educating the public and other professionals as well as research.