News NAPNAP position statement| Volume 20, ISSUE 6, PA47, November 2006

NAPNAP Position Statement on Continuing Education

        The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners (NAPNAP) values continuing education (CE) as a mechanism for nurse practitioners (NPs) to acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure optimal patient care and professional development.
        NAPNAP believes that it has a responsibility to develop methods for NPs to obtain quality CE opportunities. This belief is demonstrated by NAPNAP’s support and expansion of CE opportunities available to its members, the administration of a CE approval program, and recognition of quality CE programs of other professional organizations. NAPNAP supports the voluntary approval of CE providers who wish to offer NAPNAP contact hours.
        NAPNAP believes that:
        • 1
          CE programs for NPs should be relevant to NP practice by focusing on ways to enhance clinical skills and knowledge, providing education about future changes in the NP role, and teaching management strategies for the changing health care delivery system (
          • Brooks E.L.
          • Fletcher K.
          • Wahlstedt P.A.
          Focus group interviews: Assessment of continuing education needs for the advanced practice nurse.
        • 2
          CE programs should incorporate current research and evidence-based findings.
        • 3
          Teaching strategies used in CE programs should utilize principles of adult education, which include needs assessment, instructional methods designed for diverse learning styles, active learner involvement, and opportunity for learners to process what they have learned and to receive feedback.
        • 4
          CE programs should include an opportunity for evaluation and /or self-evaluation of knowledge attained.
        • 5
          Approved CE providers should have a systematic means for program development, delivery, and maintenance of records.
        • 6
          All industry-sponsored CE activities should be designed to ensure balance, independence, and objectivity.
        NAPNAP believes the NAPNAP CE approval program promotes high-quality education for NPs, while conveying a high standard of learning activities for NPs. NAPNAP encourages the use of the NAPNAP contact hour as an indicator of programs that promote professional growth for the NP.
        The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Continuing Education Committee and the following members for their contribution to this statement.
        Susan Van Cleve, MSN, CPNP
        Dawn Garzon, PhD, CPNP
        Kris Haukoos, MSN, ARNP, CPNP
        Marina Slemmons, PhD, RN, CPNP
        Dolores C. Jones, EdD, RN, CPNP


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